Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 20 Personal Treasures

Here is my better late than never post for Sunday. My most favorite personal treasures.
I didn't take this picture. Apparently this is what my children do when Mommy and Daddy leave them home alone. They take adorable pictures of themselves and then email them to their Mimi. They also use entire cartridges of ink to print pictures of each other and then frame them for their bedrooms.
1 Cartridge of black Dell ink....$24
1 Cartridge of colored Dell ink....$28
Your children loving each other...PRICELESS!!


  1. Awesome! I hope my girls do that!

  2. Those are our girls!
    You & Doug did good, real good...
    Beautiful daghters & you caught fish to boot.
    What a day †

  3. Great Picture....good post too!