Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 14 Personal Treasures "Lamby, Mo and Raffi"

Three very important members of our family.
Alissa's Lamby
Brooke's Mo
Rylee's Raffi


  1. What a sweet idea. Mo looks a bit suprised to be in the spotlight ;)

  2. Cool! Alissa's Lamby is in much better shape than C's.

  3. Lamby, I know
    Mo, I know
    But just which Raffi is this???

  4. Haha,'s the original real deal Raffi! The others were in the washing machine at the time. Marcie, Lamby is well loved but has held up well considering he's been around awhile. He was bright white and kind of fuzzy once upon a time. And Mo, well, Mo always looks sort of surprised:)